Here is what others have to say about my services:


"Jim Sanfilippo is awesome. Not only is he a technical ace, he is insightful. I knew what I wanted Jim to achieve but I couldn't clearly explain it. Nevertheless, Jim knew just what to do. He is fast, patient, and his prices are fair. I feel so fortunate to have found him.

Barbara Morris - Put Old On Hold

"Following up on my web site was a full time job because my previous web design support was late and I received little to no progress. My husband Larry met Jim, a former classmate, and WOW, Jim cleared up things and added necessary updates and files I had been waiting so long for. I highly recommend Jim as he is detail oriented and provides outstanding customer service."

Renate Howard - Renee's Boxers

"If you are looking to create a new Web site, jazz up your existing site, add content, video or interactive links, not happy with your current service or tired of spending high rates -- I have a top-notch resource working with me. Jim Sanfilippo (cousin of Barbara Sanfilippo - CSP, CPAE) is responsive, professional and reasonable."

Burt Dubin - The Burt Dubin Speaking Success System

"Jim, you are awesome--my site is great and getting me business! I really appreciate your excellent, reliable service as well as your great rates. I'll be back soon to have you add some audio and other features."

Barbara Sanfilippo, CSP, CPAE
Author, Dream Big!
Barbara Sanfilippo ... Making It Happen
Authors Who Speak

"After months of little to no progress by other "web design professionals" on my site, I found Jim. He cleared up things I'd been waiting so long for, as well as others' mistakes, in a matter of hours. I'd also recommend him because he's detail oriented and provides excellent customer service!"

Robert McEntee, Professional Magician
Magic Beyond Imagination

"I was so fortunate to find someone honest & reasonable to do such outstanding work."

Bill Grillo - Island Brush & Roll Painting Corp.

"Jim, you're a genius."

Karen Mandel - Sensational Home Store

"I have been an editor for over 20 years and you are the best technical writer I have ever worked with."

Terry B, my supervisor at my last place of employment

  "...he was one of the hardest-working guys I knew."

Tom D, a programmer whose documentation I edited at my last place of employment