About Myself



       My name is Jim Sanfilippo and I want to tell you a little bit about myself and why I decided to start Technical Website Design...

       My background is Data Processing. For over 25 years, I worked in Computer Programming in Application Development, Consulting and Technical Support. I then made a slight "career detour" in 1998 and transferred over to Technical Writing for a software development company. In that capacity, I developed and maintained online web-based technical documentation using Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop software, which creates Help files. To simplify what I did, a lot of people called me the "Help Guy". I also was responsible for editing the release notes whenever a new release of our software was sent out to our clients, which occurred about 2-3 times a year. I enjoyed working on websites on my own time and had a couple of them that I was working on "just for fun". Things happened, and so I quit my job and went into "semi-retirement". However, I still wanted to keep my mind occupied, so I thought that I would like to continue doing what I enjoyed and, if I made a little money out of it, all the better. I am not out to make it rich doing this, and my motto is "custom website development without the custom price". I am totally willing to work with you to provide you with something that is both professional and affordable.

       Besides designing and maintaining websites, I am also available to edit any kind of written content, be it technical documentation, manuscripts, articles, brochures, etc. After spending seven years correcting other people's spelling, grammar, etc., I cannot help myself when I am browsing the internet and I also cannot help myself from cringing when I see sites where apparently not a lot of work has gone into proof-reading. If you have something you would like edited, please consider allowing me to provide this service to you.